5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Hair Mask!

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Hair Mask!

Considering the amount of trauma we put our hair through, we must look for options to reinstill it’s lost charm. Hair Masks are the right way to do it! But not everybody is very familiar with the concept of hair masks and what they are precise.

This is a guide for all you haircare lovers looking for ways to nurture your natural crowns.

Q1.Which one should you opt?

Hair is regularly subjected to chemical treatments in the way of shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. You need to nourish and moisturise your hair naturally and to do that you need to opt for a mask based on natural ingredients.

Organic Hair Masks will not only improve your hair quality and quantity but will also refurbish your hair shaft of the lost essential minerals, nutrients, vitamins and oils. Mostly Hair masks are suitable for all types of hair. But since the compositions of the various masks are different, some might suit you and some might not. One must look for one that is specific to your hair (whether it is fine, curly, etc.), for enhanced results. For instance, somebody with thin hair types would benefit from a mask with the formula that is lightweight, but active ingredients that target fragile hair strands without weighing them down.

Q2.How often should you use it?

Your hair may not necessarily look damaged, but it is yearning for that much-needed care, nourishment and moisturisation.

Stress, sun damage, greasy foods and irregular sleeping habits can easily make our tresses lifeless. Much like your regular oiling routine, you can develop a method for your hair mask. It is advisable to apply the hair mask once or twice a week depending upon its effectiveness.

Q3.How to apply and what to focus on?

  1. Shampoo your hair, then rinse. This may vary from mask to mask as some masks can be applied on dry hair as well.
  2. Apply your hair mask by massaging it in.
  3. Remember, your focus should be on the ROOTS. Start from the scalp and work your way to the roots.
  4.  Let it rest for a suitable amount of time. (varies from 15-30 mins).
  5.  Rinse with mild water.
  6. Pat your hair dry with a towel and relish your revitalised tresses.

Q4.How much should you use?

The quantity of hair mask one must use depends upon the hair-length and hair density. The packaging of the hair mask mostly covers this aspect.

Q5.Is there any step post application?

Yes, you need to ensure that the hair mask has spread evenly through your hair. You can do this by running a wide-tooth comb through your hair. Wide-tooth combs should always be used when handling wet hair. This helps in making sure it’s been applied on every strand. Comb the mask through to the ends to make sure you’ve used it to every last spot before you let it sit.

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