Why to use Henna for Hair?

organic henna powder

Henna can be found today in the tropical and semi-arid regions around the world. It requires the temperature of the 35-45 degrees celsius to the optimal production of pigment on the leaves. These leaves are then dried and crushed to make a fine powder which in turn provides the red-ish brown dye. The powder so obtained is then mixed with other natural ingredients like black tea, indigo,neem,etc. to color the hair.

Henna actually comes in three varieties of henna – Natural henna, neutral henna, and black henna.

  • Natural henna also known as ‘Red Henna’. It produces a very rich-brown stain that darkens over the days after its application. Natural henna is the purest form of Henna.
  • Neutral henna on the other hand doesn’t give any kind of colour to the hair. This powder is not from the plant Henna, instead, it is from a plant called Senna Italica.It is used as an alternative to henna when they want to condition better their hair naturally but without dyeing.
  • Black henna is derived from Indigo and can contain unlisted dyes and chemicals like PPD).If you want to color your hair black rather than the red tint that natural henna gives, this is what you are looking for. You can dye your hair black naturally by using Indigo Henna Powder.

Why to use Henna for hair?

Henna is known for its popular usage in beauty products in India.

Hair troubles have been ambushed using Henna since the times of yore. Women worldwide apply henna to their hair to reap it’s amazing benefits.

It actually is the go-to ingredient of every natural hair care enthusiast. The varied benefits of Henna can be used to take care of the overall quality of hair.

  • Henna nourishes your hair from within

Henna possesses powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help in maintaining the health of your scalp by battling various issues like dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc. It actively removes any impurities which would lead to dandruff.

  • Balances Hair pH levels and Oil production

Henna keeps issues like dandruff at bay. It also balances the pH levels of your hair and regulates the oil production to keep your hair fresh all day long.It removes any excess oils or sebum, unclogs follicles and restores the functioning of the sebaceous glands to normal. It has a cooling after-effect which keeps your hair fresh and recharged.

  • Henna stimulates hair growth and reduce hair loss

By maintaining a healthy scalp. it becomes easy for henna to put an end to all your hair fall issues and promote healthy hair growth. It not only makes the process of hair growth faster but also improves the texture, volume and richness of your hair.

  •  Henna restores and repairs your hair

Henna replenishes the hair of all of its lost nutrients,minerals and essential oils. It repairs dull,dry and damaged hair while nourishing it from within. It aids in sealing the hair cuticle which locks in the hair moisture, retaining the lustrous texture of your hair, this also helps in maintaining the elasticity of your hair.

  • Henna is great conditioner

Henna guards your hair making a protective layer around each hair shaft and keeps the air and moisture intact. When used with other hydrating elements it helps minimise issues like split ends and hair breakage.

  • Henna as a natural dye

It is a well known fact that Henna is a great hair dye. Make your hair mask even better by adding henna to it. Use henna powder, egg, and honey and apply it on your hair. Henna conditions your hair naturally, revitalises it rekindles its loss gleam.

Henna is an excellent ingredient for boosting hair growth, strength and for extra nourishment. Go ahead and make your hair healthy and happy again!

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