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Soap Combo (6pcs of 30g each)

Soap Combo (6pcs of 30g each)

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Arabian Oudh Organic Soap- Arabian Oudh tends to make your skin silky-smooth while nourishing it. It clears the unwanted excess oils from your skin, leaving it soft and fresh. It removes any dirt or free radicals which may be hampering with the tone of your skin. It readily cleans the skin surface and hydrates it to make it supple and lively!
Bengal Tuberose Clear Sugar Soap- It blends natural ingredients like rosehip oil, tuberose oil, geranium oil, aloe vera extracts, ashwagandha extracts, etc. which slows the process of ageing, enhances skin tone, helps tackle blackheads and acne, and also hydrates and renews the skin. Extracts from plant herbs like Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, Neem, etc. show impeccable astringent qualities. They cleanse your skin of any impurities or free radicals and let it breathe better. This makes your skin more resilient and refreshed.
Almond Saffron and Goat Milk Premium Silk Soap- Goat Milk is a wonder of nature and cannot be reproduced artificially. The intensely rejuvenating and hydrating properties of Goatmilk are unmatched. It nurtures the skin from within and adds a healthy glow to it. Other nourishing oils like Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E, which stimulates the process of regeneration of skin cells. Saponified Coconut Oil adds to the nourishment and imparts the hydrating qualities required to make your skin young, attractive and healthy!
Sea Buckthorn Premium Silk Soap- Sea Buckthorn holds a reputation of being extensively nourishing. When combined with churned Cow’s Ghee, it shows restorative and refurbishing properties like none other. The therapeutic properties and regenerative of Sea Buckthorn enable it to repair, heal and recharge dead skin cells. This soap bar nourishes and makes your complexion soft, smooth and radiant.
Woody Sandal and Oudh Clear Sugar Soap- This Clear Sugar Soap is a souvenir of nourishment. The moisturising and nurturing agarwood oil and sandalwood oil make your skin creamlike and give the soap an earthy, ambrosial aroma. The intellectual union of extracts from Reetha, Aloe vera, Antramool and Licorice give this soap anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial, purifying and astringent qualities. This soap cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your skin and makes it aglow from within.
Green Tea Mint with Green Tea Leaves Organic Soap- Both Green Tea Mint and Green Tea Leaves are highly refreshing scent and feel. These components recharge and reawaken your body, leaving a cooling sensation. The Reeth and ALoe vera extracts give the soap the necessary powers to combat impurities. Kokum Butter and Cocoa Butter butter your skin and seal it with a natural sheen making you skin look alive and young!
Key Benefits-

Natural, Handmade, Chemical- Free Soaps. They tone and rejuvenate your skin.
Gentle, Safe and Effective with no synthetic fragrances, parabens or sulphates.
These soaps retain all the nutritional values of the all-natural ingredients.
These soap bars provide intense nourishment and hydration. They make your skin look fresh and charged.
These bars have been clinically proven to be effective against many skin conditions and can be used for the body and face alike.

Wet your skin with warm water,
Gently rub the soap against your skin to form a thick lather
Rinse and enjoy beautiful, happy skin

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