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This candle floods the space with a balancing and energising scent, focusing on the 7 Chakras which overlook your mental wellness. With a unique blend of multiple aromatic essential oils, this soy-based candle ensures an enjoyable ambience. This delightful concoction relaxes your mind, soothes your soul and adorns the place with its uplifting and enduring aroma.

Key Benefits

  • Clean and quality soy-based candle 
  • Safe cotton wick
  • Low smoke 
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Resistant tin jars
  • Premium grade oils
  • No artificial fragrances


This candle works on bringing you closer to your inner self. Chakras are a locus of energy which are said to be located along the midline of the body. There are 7 chakras which are said to govern the psychological properties of every being.

This pure soy-based candle displays the regal concoction of multiple pure essential oils. The superior quality mould is ornamented with a cotton-based wick selected to fit the reviving capabilities of this candle. It ensures a long burning time and lets you breathe in clear and fragranced air.

It focuses on a being’s physical presence in scenarios and how comfortably they dwell in new surroundings. The aroma keeps your chakra open and lets you feel present at the moment and connected to your physical body.

Burn this candle at your workplace or home to infuse blessing and good fortune. The passionate aroma is an excellent aphrodisiac for the bedroom too! Burning this candle in your temple or any other place of worship will help you pray in peace and serenity. The refreshing sense of this candle is a great way to clear foul odour.

The aromatic experience allows you to feel grounded, stable, secure and makes you feel like you have sufficient territory.

Instructions to ensure safety-

Never light up your candle on or near combustible material.
Always burn your candle in or on a non-combustible surface or container large enough to contain heated or burning wax overflow safely.
Always trim your wick to ¼ inches or less before and during the burn.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep away from children.

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