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Clear your skin using Arotatvika’s Neem Tea Tree & Basil Face Wash. This paraben and sulfate-free face wash is formulated using ancient Ayurvedic Recipes. Ayurveda fruitfully exploits the nurturing capabilities of Neem and Tea Tree extracts. They display impressive astringent, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Basil embellishes your complexion with intense moisturisation. The herbal infusion ensures clear, glowing and refreshed skin.


Get your charm on with that ardent face using Arotatvika’s Neem Tea Tree and Basil Face Wash. The wondrous herbs such as aloe vera and ashwagandha add to the exceptional nurturing qualities of this novel concoction. The essential elements work on enhancing the overall quality of your skin to make it aglow from within.

Basil refurbishes the skin of its lacklustre and repairs damages. It energetically balances oil production, calms acne breakouts, alleviates dryness, and soothes symptoms of skin infections. It has extensive properties which help in maintaining the skin’s suppleness and resilience. It exhibits exfoliating and toning properties which discard dead skin and balance the skin tone to promote the natural radiance.

Extracts from plant herbs like Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, Neem, etc. show impeccable astringent qualities. They cleanse your skin of any impurities or free radicals and let it breathe better. This makes your skin more resilient and refreshed.

Tea Tree extracts carry potent antiseptic ability. They can counteract and treat skin conditions while providing reliable skincare and protection. The strong antibacterial properties of Tea Tree extracts can help to reduce the causes of swelling and irritation of the skin and make your skin supple and safe.

Key Benefits –

Paraben and sulfate-free formula makes it a healthy and safe option.
Mild but potent action.
Refreshed skin with a soft lingering earthy scent.
Regular use ensures resilient, healthy and even-toned skin.
Suitable for all skin types.
Directions For Use-

Wash your hands thoroughly before using the face wash.
Wet your face using lukewarm or cold water
Squeeze a small amount in your palm.
Apply it using your fingers, massaging it in gently by moving them in small circles.
Massage for around 30 seconds.
Rinse face with lukewarm or cold water
Pat your face dry using a clean towel.

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