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Arotatvika’s Bengal Tuberose Clear Sugar Soap holds a reputation for being intensely purifying and nourishing soaps unifies the extracts from plant herbs like Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, Neem, etc. show faultless astringent qualities. They cleanse your skin of any impurities or free radicals and let it breathe better. This makes your skin more resilient and refreshed.

Rosehip Oil has an abundance of vitamin C. The anti-oxidizing properties of vitamin C refreshes the skin and removes any free radicals or toxins which may have leached to your skin. The cleansing action cools the skin and makes it fresh, recharged and hydrated. Rose hips have extreme anti-inflammatory properties which enable it to fight cell damage.

The sweet-smelling Tuberose oil possesses anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Tuberose keeps our skin soft and young. Apart from moisturizing your skin, tuberose oil also helps in preventing and treating skin infections.

The nurturing extracts Shatavari nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the face and body. The superior penetrative capabilities make it ideal for the prevention of excessive dryness, wrinkling and cracking of the skin. 

Ashwagandha extracts protect the skin against free radicals and slow down the process of ageing by tightening your skin and giving it a more youthful look. It stimulates DHEA, natural skin oils stimulant. It also escalates the process of production of vital compounds and proteins for healthy skin.

Almonds hold a reputation to heal and protect your skin and channelize your inner gleam. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. The softening touch of almonds, even tone your skin and make it safe from acne and toxic radicals. Vitamin E has potent properties that make your skin smooth. Almond oil treats puffiness, dryness, acne and marks effectively.


  1. Wet your skin with warm water,
  2. Gently rub the soap against your skin to form a thick lather 
  3. Rinse and enjoy beautiful, happy skin!


Add this all-inclusive and authentic natural handmade soap to your skincare conquest and experience the luxury of a beauty spa! This incredible solution unifies Rosehip Oil, Shatavari extract, aloe vera extract, ashwagandha extract, an and other invigorating extracts to give an all-round treatment to your skin. Heal your skin from within and experience a healthy beautification!

Key Benefits –

100 % Natural Ingredients
Based on Ayurveda recipes
Paraben, sulphate and silicone-free
Handmade, cold-processed to retain nutritional values
Gentle and effective
Long-lasting relaxing scent of Tuberose

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