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Breathe life into your hair with the awesomeness of Charcoal and Sea Buckthorn. This sulfate, paraben and silicone-free hair mask detoxifies your hair and recharges it. Charcoal actively treats the impurities at the root of the hair, prevents clogging of pores and keeps hair fresh,also treats hair exposed to pollution and environmental toxins.Sea Buckthorn’s nourishing nutrient makeup along with the goodness of citric acid and keratin extracts reinvigorates hair with shine, texture, moisture, and a long-lasting dose of antioxidants.


Arotatvika’s Charcoal and Sea Buckthorn Hair Mask is protein-packed, sulfate, and paraben-free. It harbors the hair from toxins leaving the scalp thoroughly cleansed and hair naturally healthy. The mask regenerates skin cells, promotes hair growth and radically improves hair quality.

Charcoal is a very significant detoxifier. It removes dandruff and any product buildup from the scalp and gently detoxifies the hair by attracting dirt and oil without disrupting the natural moisture levels of your hair, cleanses the scalp leaving a very soft scent and makes your hair look healthier, denser and happier.

Jojoba Oil is full of fatty acids and natural alcohols which provide the much-needed nutrition to your hair. The plant profusely contains vitamins B and E, as well as minerals like zinc. These are said to stimulate hair growth while providing antioxidant protection.

The sheer concentration of nutrients that Sea Buckthorn possesses makes it distinguishable. It protects cells from oxidative damage and aids in collagen production and promotes hair strength and elasticity.

Keratin and Arnica flower extracts along with Sea buckthorn replenishes the strength and health of hair that has suffered mechanical or chemical damage and promotes healthy hair growth.

Shea butter’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce scalp irritation by providing healing effects. It suits every hair type. It moisturizes and hydrates the hair and makes it more manageable and tangle-free.

Key Benefits:

The Ayurveda based hair mask benefits hair with detoxification action.
100% Natural Ingredients ensure the safety and health of your hair.
Reawakens the hair and makes it vigorous and voluminous.
We don’t practice Animal Testing.
Direction for use:

Apply the mask to your scalp by gently massaging it in with regular circular hand motion.
Leave it on for 30 mins and then gently rinse with mild water.
Choose any essential oil of your choice from Arotatvika’s range of essential oils, add it to your Shampoo, mix, and apply.
Condition your hair afterwards and then apply a serum to lock in the moisture.

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