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This body lotion is god-sent! Infusing the most competent Coconuts and the Starwalt Shea Butter. Coconut is plentiful of hydrating elements to keep your skin refreshed. Shea Butter holds a reputation for its buttering capabilities. The appealing mix of the two amidst other nurturing additions results in a body lotion with exceptional nourishing and hydrating abilities to keep your skin rejuvenated and alive!


Combat skincare issues with Arotatvika’s Coconut and Shea Butter Hydrating Body Lotion. The effectual non-greasy formula allows it to make a nutritious, hydrating and protective layer on your skin to keep it refreshed and recharged all day. The smooth consistency softens your skin texture and makes it soft to touch and supple.

Coconut Milk works actively in preventing dryness and flakiness. It catalyses the process of skin-repairing by providing excessive nourishment. It reduces the skin’s pronity towards infections and diseases. Its antioxidant properties are anti-ageing and also protect the body from harmful free radicals hence improving skin’s natural immune system and protection. Coconut oil allows proper breathing of the skin and promotes healthy and flawless complexion.

Kokum Butter is one of the most active and stable vegetable kinds of butter, quickly assimilated into the skin. It is composed of advantageous unions that help to reform and sustain skin cells.

Vitamin E can be ruled out as one of the most vital elements for the healthy maintenance of your skin. It is a potent antioxidant. It removes any impurities or germs which may be leaching to your skin and causing damage. It effectively reduces UV damage to the surface.

Shea butter is a boon for your lips! Its luxurious moisturising properties add the emollience to your skin to restore its inner gleam. It contains vitamins A and E, both of which relax and moisturise your dry skin. Cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants which prevents sagging. Cocoa butter can do wonders, as it keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple. The composition is a saturation of all the benefits of nature to make your skin resilient, smooth and younger-looking!

Key Benefits –

100% Natural Ingredients
Silicone, paraben and sulfate-free.
Non-greasy, long-lasting and effective
The concentrated formula gives added benefits even when less in quantity
Profoundly nourishing and moisturising
Makes the skin silky, nourished and agile
The amicable lingering scent promotes a sense of well-being
Directions For Use-

Squeeze a grape-sized drop of lotion into your palms
Rub your palms together
Then use both hands to massage it into the skin
Move from the neck down, or from the feet up, to make sure you don’t miss any spots
Apply the lotion within five minutes of bathing for best results

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