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Soothe your skin using Arotatvika’s all-new Jade Facial Roller. As an embodiment of grace and beauty, the Jade crystal is best known for its cooling effect when used on the skin. It not only relaxes your facial muscles but also empowers blood circulation, at the same time sculpting your skin to perfection. The cooling aids with polishing your face and reducing puffiness as well.


Glowing and soft skin is just one massage away as we bring you our Jade Facial Roller. This facial roller is an age-old wellness and beauty solution devised to tenderly massage your face, stimulate circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and minimize puffiness. Jade leaves a deeply relaxing impression and brings calm and composure to your face, giving you healthier-looking skin!

Everything from toning, sculpting, and firming skin to enhancing glow, reducing fine lines, enhancing elasticity, detoxifying, and helping products like oils and serums penetrate better into your skin, is possible with this Jade facial roller.

Arotatvika’s Jade Facial Roller comes with a broad and a narrow head, to be used appropriately on your face.


The facial roller reduces inflammation.
It gently exfoliates your face and also encourages the renewal of skin cells.
It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles to make the skin firm.
It also reduces dark circles and puffiness.
It helps in healing and restoring glow to your face.
It enables the skin to absorb oils and serums better.
It helps in improving skin tone.
It improves blood circulation and increases the absorption of oxygen into your face.
It aids lymphatic drainage.


Thoroughly clean your face as well as the roller before using it.
Apply a little bit of your choice’s facial oil or serum.
Always remember that while using the roller, you must move against gravity.
Start at the base of your neck and roll upwards.
Proceed with the roller’s small head, gradually roll above and below the collarbone.
Then, from the center of your chin, make broad strokes with the larger roller head towards your ear.
Move progressively up your face, over your lips, through the upper lip area, on the bridge of your nose, and massage the under eyes and eyebrows.
When you arrive at your forehead, use the facial roller’s large head to roll from your eyebrows up to your hairline.
Complete the process by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temple.
For best results, use the same technique at least three times a day.

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