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Unwind by dwelling into the divinity of Arotatvika’s Lavender, Orange & Bergamot Massage Oil. The sweet-smelling Lavender works miraculously in relaxing your muscles and relieving any stress or tension. Orange and Bergamot in sync with the essential oils and roots exhibit immensely nourishing and moisturising qualities. This oil is naturally comforting and allows the mind and body to heal spiritually.


Arotatvika’s Lavender, Orange & Bergamot Massage Oil caters to the holistic needs of an individual. This Massage Oil is lightweight, clear and non-sticky that descends into skin promptly and softens it.

Ideal for people who perform strenuous workouts or need to unwind and destress.

Coconut oil is plentiful of Vitamin E, which allows it to bring to the platter the fatty acids essential for the flexibility and good health of your skin. Almond and Neem Seed Oil refurbish the lost nutrient and oils and soften and smoothen the texture. Rice Bran and Sesame Oil deeply nourishes forming a natural protective layer of sheen and glow.

The cellular stimulation properties of Lavender heals and repairs the epidermis, tones and eliminates any signs of ageing, making your skin look radiant and youthful. It relaxes the tired muscles and by stimulating blood circulation helps in repairing the microscopic damages in the muscle tissues. It helps renew skin’s inner gleam.

The fresh Orange Oil quickly refreshes and re-energises the mind

It can have an intense calming effect on the mind and body and treats insomnia effectively. It gives your skin a smooth and radiant appearance and adds firmness to your skin that helps in delaying wrinkling of the skin.

Bergamot has calming and soothing properties which make it a natural mood booster and helps battle anxiety, depression, and stress.

Its natural cleansing action purifies the skin and gives it a radiant glow.

Key Benefits-

Produced by employing Ayurvedic Recipes.
It is a Vegan Massage Oil composed of Ayurvedic Herbs.
The light formula allows quick absorption.
A natural mood lifter and pain alleviator.
Offers nourishing tones.
Directions to use-

Pre Bath

Tenderly massage into your skin and let it rest for around 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water using a mild body cleanser.
Post Bath

Pour a fitting amount of the oil on your palms and massage gently all over the body.

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