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Level up your hair game with the nutritive powers of Moroccan Clay and Avocado Oil! This sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free hair mask increase hair volume and damage control. Rich Moroccan Clay and Avocado Oil help to restore radiancy and vibrancy. While the goodness of Ashwagandha combined with hair benefits of Vetiver and Rose, extracts provide strength and smoothness. This versatile hair mask makes your hair dazzle to bedazzle.


Arotatvika’s Moroccan Clay and Avocado Oil Hair Mask is sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free. Enriched with nourishing oils such as Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Mango butter and moisturizers such as Aloe, Licorice, and Bhringraj, this mask reconstructs and rebuilds damaged, dull, and frizzy hair. This unique formulation is a natural remedy to repair and stimulates hair regrowth, leaving them nourished, beautiful, and healthy.

Moroccan Clay carries moisturizing and remineralizing properties. It nourishes hair with essential minerals and vitamins, reduces flakiness and clears clogged pores without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. It also improves curl definition.

Avocado oil is extremely rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, helping it to moisturize your hair thoroughly. Rich in Vitamin D, which is crucial for the generation of new hair follicles. Avocado oil alongside the nourishing mango butter strengthens the hair shaft and helps prevent breakage.

Rightly named the ‘Miracle Herb’, Ashwagandha supports healthy hair growth, also stimulates the production of natural oils in the skin and circulation in the scalp, resulting in shinier and healthier hair. Additionally, Ashwagandha also has antioxidants, iron, and amino acids that help strengthen the hair shaft and minimize breakage.

Tree Turmeric is gentle as well as refreshing and hence makes for a brilliant exfoliator and cleanser for the hair and scalp.

It revitalizes the scalp, actively works on hair regrowth and works on the nutritive makeup of your hair.

Key Benefits:-

The Ayurveda based hair mask benefits hair with detoxification action.
100% Natural Ingredients ensure the safety and health of your hair.
Reawakens the hair and makes it vigorous and voluminous.
We don’t practice Animal Testing.
Direction for use:-

Apply the mask to your scalp by gently massaging it in with regular circular hand motion.
Leave it on for 30 mins and then gently rinse with mild water.
Choose any essential oil of your choice from a range of essential oils, add it to your Shampoo, mix, and apply.
Condition your hair afterwards and then apply a serum to lock in the moisture.

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