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Revamp those black tresses with Arotatvika’s Organic Henna Powder!

The clever combination of Henna, Indigo and Amla smoothen ringlets, make your hair thicker, more tameable and lustrous. This combination oozes essential fatty acids that penetrate the follicles, making the hair shinier, voluminous and healthier.

Colour your curls with the goodness of Henna, Indigo and Amla! Our easy to use packaging allows you to refresh or deepen your hair shade quickly and conveniently!


Arotatvika’s Organic Henna Powder proves that dyeing your hair can be healthy for your hair! Natural hair colours can lend your locks the tint you desire without any damage.

Organic Indigo comes with several fantastic hair benefits!

It can not only treat and but also prevent premature greying and revitalise your hair. It also works effectively against dandruff and dry hair. The lack of proper nutrition causes premature greying, Indigo not only supplies the body with the vital nutrients but also helps in their absorption.

Amla carries the power to treat nearly every haircare issue. The abundant supply of oxygen and nourishment to the hair follicles and hair fall problems making the hair fibres secure.

The richness of Vitamin-C cures the dryness and prevents the accumulation of dandruff. It also stimulates hair growth because of its high iron and carotene content leaving your hair replenished and re-energised!

Henna readily promotes hair growth, prevents and corrects hair thinning and shows visible reduction in hair loss.It has naturally nourishing properties, which makes it the perfect ingredient to turn dry and drab hair into soft, shiny, and glamorous locks.

Directions to apply-

Stir the powder with 50-degree hot water until you have a smooth paste.
Apply it evenly through your hair using a comb.
In case you wish to colour your hair deeply, let it rest for 30-120 minutes. The longer the colour stays in, the darker it gets.
In case you need to refresh the colour, let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
Rinse your hair with mild water and get magical results!
For best results wait for 24-48 hours.

Since it is derived from a natural plant source, it may sometimes require multiple applications to give optimum color.

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