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Colour your hair most naturally with Arotatvika’s Organic Henna Powder! The luxurious nutrient makeup of Indigo ensures that your hair is moisturised and nourished thoroughly. On the other hand, Henna strengthens your hair shaft while giving tremendous hair colour coverage, making the shade richer with every application.

Use this 100% chemical-free dye and make your hair lively, luscious and lovable again!


Tint and nourish your hair with Arotatvika’s Organic Henna Powder. It is 100% Natural hair dye made using leaves extracted from the Indigo plants known by their scientific name of Indigofera Tinctoria.

It doesn’t consist of any added chemicals, so a protective layer forms around the hair strands which improves the health of the hair.

Indigo works actively against premature greying of the hair.

It prevents scalp infections and stimulates hair growth. Indigo works on the healing and repair of damaged skin cells, making it an excellent remedy for dandruff.

Henna promotes hair growth exponentially, reduces hair fall, and also prevents and corrects hair thinning.

Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties work to cool and soothe your scalp, controlling scalp itchiness in the process.

The hydrating qualities of Henna make it a great conditioner, making your hair gorgeous and glossy!

Directions to apply-

Stir the powder with 50-degree hot water until you have a smooth paste.
Apply it evenly through your hair using a comb.
In case you wish to colour your hair deeply, let it rest for 30-120 minutes. The longer the colour stays in, the darker it gets.
In case you need to refresh the colour, let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
Rinse your hair with mild water and get magical results!
For best results wait for 24-48 hours.

Since it is derived from a natural plant source, it may sometimes require multiple applications to give optimum color.

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