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Can’t get enough of the magical scent of Lavender? This candle is just the one for you! This regal candle consists of a deep infusion of Lavender oil and White Sage leaves. The classic combination is embedded in clean-burning soy to give you the best aromatic experience. Light this candle in your temple, home or workplace and immerse in the soft gleam and lovely scent of Lavender.

Key Benefits

  • Clean and quality soy-based candle 
  • Safe cotton wick
  • Refreshing aroma of Lavender
  • Low smoke 
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Resistant tin jars


Light up the space with the warm glow and enchanting scent of this charming candle. Curated to charm, this hand-poured candle is composed of genuine white sage leaves and essential oils. The clean-burning soy is ornamented with a cotton wick which ensures the best burn time.

The abundance of Pure Lavender Essential Oil gives this candle its sweet poetic scent.

This candle unfolds with the top notes of lavender and base notes of the musky white sage. The smooth transition of the floral tones lets you ease in and relax. It is bound to transcend you into a pleasing reality.

The rigid tin jars allow safe and healthy use.

As soon as it is lit, the majestic aroma reaches every corner of the space and gives it an amicable and inviting ambience.

The naturally herbaceous scent of Lavender induces positivity and promotes a sense of well-being. The smooth texture and well-defined frame of the candle make it valuable additions to your home or workplace.

Make every room an aromatic haven by lighting this candle. Lavender holds established connectivity with divinity. Light these candles when praying to your deity and experience sheer holiness.

Reignite passion in the romantic glory of lavender by using this candle in your bedroom or simply use it in your bathroom to get rid of any foul odour. Light this poetic candle anywhere in your house to enjoy the amicable air and breathe in the floral tones of happiness.

Instructions to ensure safety-

Never light up your candle on or near combustible material.
Always burn your candle in or on a non-combustible surface or container large enough to contain heated or burning wax overflow safely.
Always trim your wick to ¼ inches or less before and during the burn.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep away from children.

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