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This scented candle purifies the air with a spiritually-healing pleasant fragrance, gives you a sense of individuality, relaxes your mind and soothes your soul. With a unique blend of aromatic essential oils and pure white sage leaves, this soy-based candle ensures an enjoyable ambience. This delightful concoction adorns the place with its uplifting and enduring aroma.

Key Benefits

  • Clean and quality soy-based candle 
  • Safe cotton wick
  • Pacifying and soothing scent of White Sage
  • Low smoke 
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Resistant tin jars
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Pure grade essential oil


Lifestyle today is becoming busier by the moment. In such times the necessity for the introduction of peace is vital. With this snow white candle of pure peace, the necessary pacification enters your life with extreme intensity.

The pure white sage extracts allow the candle to retain its therapeutic qualities. The invigorating scent is pure and allows clear air to enter the body. It is moulded in a base of clear burning toxin-free soy. This makes it an environmentally friendly candle and also a safe one to be used as a daily use option.

The candle is ornamented with a cotton-based wick which is best suited for this candle as it allows a long burning time and complements the pacifying essence of the candle.

Sage candles can relax and change your negative mood. It also has the great ability to eliminate the negative energy that one is experiencing and change it into more positive energy. This candle has the power to remove tension and stress.

This candle can be used to calm the emotions of individuals who are suffering from anxiousness or extreme anger.

If you feel your house has too much or an excessive level of negative energy, burning this candle will help to clear off these bad vibes. Use this candle in order to free yourself of these bad vibes.

Instructions to ensure safety-

Never light up your candle on or near combustible material.
Always burn your candle in or on a non-combustible surface or container large enough to contain heated or burning wax overflow safely.
Always trim your wick to ¼ inches or less before and during the burn.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep away from children.

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