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Arotatvika’s Wild Orchids Green Tea & Cedarwood massage oil is enriched with exotic Indian herbs. The rich infusion of nourishing organic oils such as Cedarwood Oil and Green Tea Oil with victual components like Neel Pushpa, Wild Orchids and Green Tea Leaves floods you with peace, pleasure and a plethora of healthcare benefits.


The lightweight, non-sticky and vegan formula of Arotatvika’s Wild Orchids Green Tea & Cedarwood makes it primarily desirable.

The oil seeps into your skin quickly to refurbish it of vital necessities.

The oil acts as a muscle relaxant and a mind soother. It gives you immense peace and pleasure.

Green tea Oil contains potent antioxidants which protect the skin from the damage caused by UV radiations and free radicals in the environment. It helps repair and rejuvenate collagen, thereby improving skin’s resiliency. Green tea oil has many anti-ageing properties.

It quickly penetrates the inner layers of the skin, providing hydration without feeling oily. It can also help to trim the fat and cellulite underneath the skin.

The nurturing mix of extracts of Anantmool Roots, Hibiscus Flower, Neel Pushpa, Bala and Shatavari among others nourish, moisturise and rejuvenate the face and body. The superior penetrative capabilities make it ideal for the prevention of excessive dryness, wrinkling and cracking of the skin.

Coconut oil is plentiful of Vitamin E, which allows it to bring to the platter the fatty acids essential for the flexibility and good health of your skin. Almond and Neem Seed Oil refurbish the lost nutrient and oils and soften and smoothen the texture. Rice Bran and Sesame Oil deeply nourishes forming a natural protective layer of sheen and glow.

Cedarwood Oil soothes pain, aches and inflammation. It facilitates the tightening of loose skin, wound healing, balancing of blood pressure, easing hypertension, and reducing muscle spasms.

Key Benefits-

Produced by employing Ayurvedic Recipes.
It is a Vegan Massage Oil composed of Ayurvedic Herbs.
The light formula allows quick absorption.
A natural mood lifter and pain alleviator.
Offers nourishing tones.
Directions to use-

Pre Bath

Tenderly massage into your skin and let it rest for around 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water using a mild body cleanser.
Post Bath

Pour a fitting amount of the oil on your palms and massage gently all over the body.

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